A Touch of Anime Inspiration

The inspiration for my creative sessions comes from a variety of sources. When I spoke with Alexandria (the model) about this particular photograph, I…

The Last Days of Professional Photography II

A while back, I talked about the last days of professional photography. Today, I want to follow up…

Journey with JoppaWay

It was September of 2015 when I first met LaTonya Williams, the designer behind the JoppaWay Boutique moniker. Her positive energy was immediately engaging as we worked to photograph a few of her fashions….

Veterans Day Tribute: I Was A Soldier

Many of you have already seen this video. Tomorrow being Veterans Day, I want to share it once again. As always, a hearty thanks to veterans of the United States military and to those who continue to serve.

I Was A Soldier

This piece also…

Election Day 2016 Insanity

Election Day is finally here. People, hopefully as many eligible voters as possible, are lining up to cast their vote. As the polls close, the media will begin to report the tally to us as we wait….

Session Special: Forty-Five or Sixty-Four

In celebration of losing forty-five pounds in six months, I am offering a photography session special! I have more weight to lose before I reach my ultimate goal, so I am asking for your help in spurring me on.

The Forty-Five or Sixty-Four Session Special

For a limited time, Mark Gunter Photography and …

The Innate Magic of Positive Teamwork

I enjoy teamwork. Not the kind of teamwork where you find yourself paired up with several riders of coattails. I mean the kind where all parties involved know that the role they play is unique and necessary. The kind of…

Bad Candy: Horror Comic on Kickstarter

I am a fan of Kickstarter. I have backed 22 different projects ranging from miniatures to music, video games, and innovative equipment for my photography studio. For the most part, it has been a fun ride with a few minor frustrations, but solid end results.

When I was approached by one of the creators…

Playing A Little Catch Up

Time is flying. A lot is happening. Time to play a little catch up. I thought I would take today to fill you in on the direction things have been going of late.

I recently reached another weight loss goal. Since April, I have lost…

Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp: Round Two

In August, Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp was kicked off with a full day event. We are quickly approaching round two. I am glad to say that I will be there to lend my talents to the effort. The next Boot Camp will be held on November 12, 2016. This half-day…