Frozen To A Full Stop


Starting with the Saturday morning wakeup call of a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, the weekend continued with sub-freezing temperatures. This is January in Oklahoma. It doesn’t happen all that often, but we do occasionally become frozen to a full stop.

The Good News

This time, we are not under a sheet of ice. No frozen rain. Just a bit of snow and a lot of cold air. We have managed to keep our pipes flowing and our household warm. I have experienced worse winter situations, but I would be just fine skipping the single digit (Fahrenheit) temperatures. Matched with Oklahoma’s infamous winds, it can be quite brutal outside.

The Bad News

There is more to come. That is the way of weather: It is always there, ready to pounce. The forecast continues to shift, but it looks like next weekend could be “fun”. If we must, just a bit more snow, please. I am not opposed to winter, but freezing rain and layers of ice are not my cup of tea. I’m not really a big fan of tea, either, anyway.

Frozen Stop Signs

The image included on this post is from over a decade ago, but it could be any of three or four winters since. I am particularly attracted to this image as it says everything I feel like saying this morning in one, simple picture.

Whatever your current situation is today, I hope you are warm, well fed, and safe. This can be a very tough time of year for many people. I look back on days when weather like this meant no power, no running water, and expeditions into the cold to gather another load of firewood. My heart goes out to those of you who are not as fortunate as I am today. Or even as fortunate as I was back then.

Stay warm. Stay dry.

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