Sunset On Another Year


Here we are, at the sunset of another year, counting the remaining days. It has not been terrible, but I expected more from it. I certainly expect more of 2024, but I am not holding my breath. Before it even begins, I am off to a slow start. So be it. Let’s double down, then.

I missed posting last week as I dealt with dental issues and a heavy cold. I am still fatigued. Mentally. Physically. All around tired. I will go ahead and take off the next couple of weeks from work, from blogging, and from caring overly much about things in general. It is time to sit down, relax, have fun with friends, and maybe sneak in a photoshoot or two.

In the meantime, feel free to peruse the old posts. There are only about 314 posts here, going back more than six years. If only various incidents hadn’t chopped up the two previous runs, I imagine I would be close, if not past, a thousand posts. The question remains: Are you reading them? I occasionally get a remark where I post links on social media, but rarely do I see comments here.

Honestly, that’s okay. I get it. I miss the days of forums where entire conversations were preserved. Today, talk is too ephemeral, easily stricken from the record, and rarely on topic. But I do wonder what I can do here to build more interaction. At the very least, I need more interaction with potential subjects for photography projects. They are becoming few and far between.

C’est la vie. I’m moving on, at least into a new year two weeks out. My plans for the holidays are humble and I am quite fine with that. The New Year is already setting up to club me in the head with difficult challenges on several fronts. I will meet them head on and find myself in 2025 at least as fast as I watched 2023 go by.

Friends, I wish you well in the year to come. I hope 2023 ends on a positive note and you find yourself setup for success. Regardless, I will be here, doing my thing. Just not for the next couple of weeks. I need the break.

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