Counting Flour On The Wall

Flour with Cinderella

If, upon reading the title, you were not bothered at all, you get bonus points. These points can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Just make sure to spend them on something imaginary. While these points are fun to hand out, they are not redeemable. At least, not for anything other than mutual satisfaction with a shared memory or experience. Besides, it should have been flowers, not flour.


Flour Is Fun

I’ve had the chance to do about a half-dozen flour sessions over the years. It takes a bit of work to make it work right. Light placement is as important as ever. Protecting the lights is a must. Learning how to toss the flower to get the right effect can be a challenge. But, it is always worth it when you get the shot right. One of the factors that makes a image strong is motion and emotion. With flour, both are within your grasp.

It Is A Bit Of A Mess

The thing with flour shoots is you are guaranteed to make a mess. While not as bad as glitter, the flecks of white will hide in every nook and cranny. To do it right, flour is thrown in several directions. This is especially true to get those cool hair-flips. Add in a bit of humidity and you have flour particles that love to float. Try tossing a bag of flour around your garage for an hour. Now, time how long it takes you to clean it up.

Flour Is On The Menu

I enjoy the challenge of a flour session despite the mess. However, to make it happen, some dough is going to have to trade hands. The cost in time and effort alone is above the standard session setup. Sweeping up a bag of flour is not on the usual post-processing list. There is also the wear and tear on the equipment exposed to the mess. All that said, if you want to give it a go, let me know what you’ve got in mind.

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