Cold Morning And Captivating Creations

Cold Morning with Krystal

The usual response to my last minute model call seems to be harsh silence. However, I do have some models who enjoy working with me and will not hesitate to respond. That is, if they happen to see a post and it works with their schedule. This time, I knew we were likely in for a cold morning and didn’t hold up much hope. Still, I planned to wander out and find something to photograph.

Enter The Heroine

Anytime I get a response from Krystal, I know we will plot a good course. We have worked with each other enough that we riff off each other quite well. Our sessions usually feel effortless. They are always fun and productive. Even with a relatively spur of the moment decision, we can get a general theme pretty quick. Locations usually present themselves once we have the theme. The rest will come naturally with her marvelous modeling.

Below Freezing And Light Breeze

Twenty-eight degrees is not the coldest starting temperature for one of my model shoots. I once started in single digits and ended at eighteen Fahrenheit. The problem this time was the light breeze across the lake. Being wide open on the top of a dam certainly didn’t help. We had a basic plan that quickly got us out of the breeze. We explored a familiar location in a different way, borrowing inspiration from earlier shoots with other models. I think it worked out brilliantly.

Cold Morning Payoff

  • Cold Morning with Krystal

Join The Fun!

In the past, I made a habit of getting up early on the weekends, leaving the house, and finding something to shoot. Sunrise being a favorite time to shoot, mornings in late fall and winter come naturally. The problem is that models tend to be more scarce at 7a.m., especially when it is icy cold. Now, I’m trying to get back in the habit, but I could really use the motivation provided by a willing subject.

If you are willing and able to join me on random, photographic adventures, I would love to hear from you! Weekends are usually best, but I have been known to take off during the week to have a little fun with the shutter button. The important thing is that we have a little time to mix and match locations and outfits to make the most of it. Make sure to visit Mark Gunter Photography and QuestionMark Photography to get a better idea of my creative range. Or, just keep perusing other posts here on Anything But Ordinary.

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