Conversationalists Wanted

Master Conversationalists: Prairie Dogs

As predicted it has been a busy week. Despite my best efforts, I am not in position to post more images from my recent Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge trip. Yet. They are coming! But first, I could use your help. I’m looking for a few conversationalists.

I Simply Don’t Know

My entire life, I have felt left out of the loop. You know the type and many of you are the type. People wonder why you never show up to parties and events, working on the assumption that someone has actually invited you. I have a few solid friends who never let me down, but even then, schedules get in the way. Specifically as a photographer, the number of times a model has said, “Why have we never worked together before?” is astounding to me. It is second only to the number of times a model has said, “message me” only to ignore my messages, only to complain the next time we meet that we’ve never worked together. I’m at a loss.

Why I Need Conversationalists

I find it very difficult to have real conversations these days. Maybe it is that I am not a fan of small talk. How much you enjoy the weather is not nearly as great a concern of mine as how I can help you. We can talk politics all day, but we’ll get a bit worked up and we cannot possibly solve the problem ourselves. Rather, let’s talk about things we can do, control, and enjoy. I need honest, meaningful conversation that helps me learn to be a better person. Or, in this case, a better photographer. I want meaningful conversations that result in creative collaborations worth pursuing.

Lost Opportunities

From photo shoot concepts to short film storylines, I have offered up my fair share of ideas. At this point, I can only assume that there is, at best, a 50-50 chance that the other party is at all interested, regardless of their apparent excitement level. There are those who are slow to share their ideas for fear of them being stolen. For me, it is more about the fear of wasting time talking to yet another person who really doesn’t care. The conversation is wasted, my energy burnt. Thus, when I say I need conversationalists, I mean people with whom a genuine back-and-forth is had that results in achieving a common goal.

How Can You Help?

Let’s start with the easy part: Comment on this post. Let me know you’re here. Tell me what you want to know, talk about, or collaborations you might be interested in pursuing. Or just say, “Hello!” I’m not looking for any firm commitments. I’m just hoping to verify there are real human beings with an interest in something more than small talk.

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