Unending Tales of Mischief and Valor

Unending Tales

Unleash the Nerdity! Er…I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! But, this time, with a bit of a twist. This year, rather than bloviate on the traditional things, I’m coming at it from a different angle. Let’s start by introducing you to Tam Hollowfoot, the Halfling Sorcerer I play in an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Last year, I fell in with a group of scoundrels and scallywags looking for a fun, summer adventure. Nearly a year and a half later, we’re still going. Mostly made up of “forever DMs”, it has been as much fun as I have ever had playing the game. While I am thankful for this new group of friends who have taken me in, my focus today is on unending tales.

From Tolkien to Tabletop

One of my earliest memories is seeing a copy of “The Fellowship of the Ring” with Tolkien’s “The Hills: Hobbiton-across-the-Water” artwork on the cover. Combined with similar influences and the kids next door introducing me to DnD, I have been playing for most of my life. Tam Hollowfoot is just the latest in a long line of characters I have created. He will certainly not be the last.

Thankful for Gaming

Outside of my career field and photography, table-top gaming has led me to more friends than anything else I do. DnD is where it all started and it will always have a special place in my heart. Like photography, I credit the creative aspect of RPGs for helping me make it through some of the darkest times. Likewise, it has made the best times brighter.

Unending Tales

Perhaps, then, you can understand my dismay at all the click-bait titles on posts and videos declaring, with the utmost certainty, that Dungeons and Dragons is dying. Some of those pull you in and you discover the author has the same outlook as me. You guys need to stop with the click-bait. Others are just pure speculation, fear, and mindless drivel of people who miss the point of RPGs altogether. These need to think really hard about how and why they play RPGs.

Here’s the thing: Dungeons and Dragons is closing in on 50 years. The doors could be officially barred tomorrow and people will still be playing DnD for decades. The cat is out of the bag. The rules are out there. People will play them. How do I know? Just look around at the number of tables who are still playing the first edition of “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”. Those rules were replaced in 1989. Thirty-four years on, people are still playing the edition they started out with and loving every minute.

Thankful For Fun

I constantly explore other rulesets. It isn’t because I think Dungeons and Dragons is dying. It is because I am looking for new, fun ways to play. I am on a quest for unending tales and always have been. Take away every DnD book I own and I will still find a way to enjoy role-playing games. I know because it happened once before. I am thankful to find myself in a world where I do not see that ever happening again. I’ve got too many friends who enjoy sharing in the fun for that.

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