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While working to get back into the blogging habit, the pictures have been few and far between. Time to fix that! Today, a post with pictures for the sake of sharing pictures.

These pictures span a wide range of both time and topic. I may have shared some of these before but, at worst, it has been a while. Birds, landscapes, aircraft, and models. For some of you, it was the models at the top that got you to take a look. I think that’s what they call “click bait”?

  • Cedar Waxwing

After a couple of years of very limited photography time, I expect to be back at it very soon. Short term, I am finally upgrading my camera very soon. The best way to learn new equipment is to use it! Long term, there are plans in place to go to another photography conference. Included in that is travel to a city I’ve never had the opportunity to visit before, so expect some pictures. A target rich environment and a new camera are sure to push all my creative buttons!

Creating Pictures With You

If you like the model and fashion images and would like to collaborate with me, now is a great time to plan a session! I have a mood board showing some of my past work. The collected images lean towards the style of imagery I am currently pursuing for my own portfolio. It does require an email to be entered, but that allows you to mark images that are of interest to you so we can begin a conversation on what I can create for you and vice versa.

You like my work but aren’t up to tackling my mood board? Then let’s talk about what I can do for you. From product photography to wall art to creating your own, private images for personal or business use, I am for hire. Let’s talk.

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