Limiting The Depths Of Limbo

Limiting the Limbo

For as long as I can remember, the night sky has captivated me. The moon is a constant companion while certain constellations provide annual visitations. If not for my preference for baseball statistics over trigonometry, I may have made astronomy a career. But I can only math so much math before I am mathed out. Conveniently, I found a career where math isn’t out of the ordinary, but I’m not doing trig. Limiting my exposure to more difficult calculations has served me well.

Constant Companion

I must have been about four years old, looking out the window at a full moon, low to the horizon, large, and orange. I remember having an ear ache and not being able to fall asleep. So, I stared at the moon until, eventually, I drifted off. Even now, it seems like that moment lasted an eternity. In a way, that moment continues. It is a strong, defining memory that I find myself lingering on more often than most.

Limiting the Depths

The morning upon which this particular image was taken, I was on a definite mission. My mind walks on the edge of limbo, readily falling into its depths for a season if I let it. My camera is one of the most powerful tools in my mental health arsenal. Give me a subject to photograph and I will almost always find joy. There is no better way I have found for limiting the depths of the limbo into which I fall.

In The Near Term

The holiday season can always be rough, so I am limiting those depths as well. These days, it is far easier than it was two decades back, but I still have to be a bit wary. So, a few more days of paid leave for painting miniatures, photography, and running about are in store. The past couple of years have been limiting my opportunities to shoot. Now is the time to limit how much time is sacrificed to other things. Regardless, the moon will still be there, watching over me.

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