One Baby Step At A Time

Baby Steps

Every person I meet is another chance to be inspired in a brand new way. Being a small part of their modeling adventure is an honor I do not take lightly. Whatever baby step they take with me, I always hope it is one they look back on as a positive experience. I hope her words might inspire you to continue exploring new endeavors.

As a child, I was told I should go into modeling by family or acquaintances a few times and I always rejected the idea almost immediately. I felt that showing myself off in front a camera was too scary for me. I lacked confidence and was extremely insecure in my appearance and goofy personality. I guess I was afraid that the pictures might show all of my insecurities to the world and I was not ready for that. To add to that, I was always more concerned with having a beautiful mind over a beautiful body. However, I’ve faced some real giants since then and gained strength, wisdom, and a determination to push the limits of my comfort zone. So, when the opportunity arose to stand in front of that camera lens, I took it. As a result, I was able to see myself differently. I could look at those shots and see everything I am on the inside and it was glorious.

Starting out was difficult though. Learning how to move, how to pose, what to do with my hands and eyes, those were the first challenges for me. Every shoot I learn something new. I’m still new and trying to absorb as much information as possible from my coach and from the different photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with so far. Sometimes, the fear tries to creep back in and the only thing that works for me is to put on some music, take a breath and then a baby step.

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