Back To The Ol’ Grindstone


I am fortunate to work a job that allows for a longer holiday break. Tap on few extra days of PTO (Paid Time Off) and two weeks is easily doable. Spend a day or two completely unplugging from work, enjoy a few days, then fight the constant reminder that the regular workday is creeping ever closer. It is a chore. But, hey! I’ve got a solid job, good benefits, and a comfortable, warm house. It all makes going back to the ol’ grindstone a bit easier.

The First Grindstone

The day job eats up a fair share of my day, of course. Eight hours, assuming the litany of items can be corralled in a timely manner. Nowadays, as I work from home, I get back a solid 60 to 90 minutes a day not commuting to an office. That is a huge help, especially considering I would be in an office with little to no interaction with anyone outside of Zoom meetings anyway. I enjoy the job and the people I work with, but I am looking forward to retirement someday. Bare minimum, I’ve got 1,600 days. That is definitely a pipedream, though. Keep a slightly pessimistic attitude and focus on 6,722 instead. The reality lies somewhere in between, but I’m at least half way there.

Grindstone Number Two

At this point, photography is hit or miss, but it still keeps me occupied. This blog, for example, is something I do primarily as an outlet for my images. There are a lot of things I need to do, improve on, or change in general. Time is short and, due to “life”, I find it difficult to pursue things properly. But, I’m hanging in there.

My Favorite “Job”

Being a father, friend, husband, and fellow hobby enthusiast. These take the cake. Over the past couple of years, I have found myself back in a rhythm of enjoying life in general. Right now, that’s where I need to be. I have other plans but, for now, I am finding my happy place, basking in it, and considering how to take my various passions and bring them together.

I hope life is treating you well or, at worst, about to turn a corner and take you to a happier place.

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