In Studio With Veronika LaVery

Veronika LaVery

Most of my work involves commercial headshots, model portfolios, and product photography. The standard cycle of sessions is occasionally interrupted by a change of pace that challenges me, making me think outside of the box. Recently, I found myself with an unexpected opportunity to work with the amazing Veronika LaVery.

Veronica LaVery

I seldom get the opportunity to work with models having her credentials. More often than not, calendars do not match up quite right. Professionals of her caliber usually book quickly and I miss my chance. The few local talents that come close rarely give me more than a passing glance. They, too, are busy traveling and booking shoots and don’t have time for little ol’ me.

Fortunately, I was ready to collaborate. The models who trust me with collaborations and portfolio buildings combined with the many photographers who have helped me hone my skills have prepared me. A great model can make even a bad photographer look good. Knowing that, I went into the session nervous. “You’re working with the Veronika LaVery. Don’t screw this up!” That is a lot of pressure for a guy like me. I know what I’m doing, but this is a very high bar to clear.

Veronica LaVery

I will let the images speak for themselves. They are a small sampling of what is proving to be a very hard collection of photographs to narrow down. As one would expect, Veronika does more than carry her share of the weight during a shoot. If you know your camera, understand lighting, and have a modicum of technique in your toolbox, you will create solid images.

Working with Veronika LaVery was a pleasure. For any photographers on the fence: Yes, she is worth the effort. She certainly doesn’t need my recommendation, but I offer it anyway. She is a consummate professional. Further, in my brief experience with her, she seems to be an all around amazing person.

Veronica LaVery

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