Sunday Morning Sparkle


It is not always easy to find the motivation to get up and go. As a good photographer friend of mine used to say, sometimes you just hope the model cancels. Your mojo was there, but as the shoot draws close, thoughts of the many ways you can screw things up boil to the surface. That is one reason I like to have in-person meetings with new models before we shoot. It sets the stage for a social contract: I’ll be here because you took the time to be here, too. It was just such a meeting that led me to a marvelous, Sunday morning sparkle.

Off To A Good Start

Years have passed since the last time a model agreed to meet to talk before we scheduled a shoot. When Arianna Crismon seemed eager to do just that, I was a bit surprised. In talking with her, that demon who steals mojo sauntered off, defeated. An early, sunrise shoot on a Sunday was in order. A general look and location decided, I was excited to get a chance to work with her.

Stupid Mistakes Tossed Aside

Fortunately, when I do something stupid, I am usually able to pivot. As I am setting up my light, I realize I have made a really stupid mistake. Have you ever had one of those days where you repeat a list of what not to forget but still do? Yeah, that was me. Everything is set and I go to turn the speedlights on and, at that exact moment, realize I forgot my trigger. And, just like that, it became a natural light shoot.

  • Sparkle

Sparkle In Her Boots

With confidence and experience behind the camera, such a change may be a bit embarrassing, but it does not have to be limiting. I enjoy shooting natural light. No, I wouldn’t get quite the pop I was hoping for from that sparkle in her boots. Yes, we would get images worth the time and trouble.

For any photographers out there, Arianna was great! I enjoyed working with her across the board. She was understanding of my faux pas. Didn’t even blink. A way to screw things up definitely boiled to the surface this time! We laughed it off and made it work.

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