Still Enjoying A Bit Of Limbo

Limbo lower now

I’m afraid it is going to be a slow start this year. There is simply too much going on and I am easily distracted. While I enjoy creating new material for this blog, it is not a priority. It is barely on the back burner this week. So, for now, it is a bit in limbo, but I will try to continue as I can.

Proof of Life

Speaking of things being in limbo, I just got a text reminding me that I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Going into COVID, I had a long-term dental care plan to take care of some nagging issues. Nearly four years on, I’m getting part one done. With a different dentist. The previous one retired. That’s how things go. You find someone who gets you, gets your problems, and creates a plan, then something throws it out the window. I’m crawling back in with a new professional who seems promising.

In the Queue

I don’t really have much planned through February. It is simply chaos and catchup on a lot of things at work. My gaming groups are working hard to get things rolling again after the holidays. Dungeons and Dragons and miniature wargaming are (literally) on the table as usual. I actually run a DnD campaign, but it may be another month before we get back on it. In the meantime, I’m dreaming up fresh ideas for future gaming. So much fun to be had, so little time.

Limbo Lower Now

I can go on about this for a while. Lots of pots, one fire to heat them. Typical. I will continue to do the limbo in order to get out of limbo. The perennial problem is I can plan all day but putting them into action is an issue. However, I will forge ahead with the aim to do more photoshoots, more photowalks, and a fair share of gaming. The question, as always, is who wants to join me in the fun?

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