Canada: True North Strong and Free

Canada: Confederation Bridge

Life has been one huge distraction after another for the past five to six weeks. Today, I thought I’d go on a little vacation. One of the things I have been terrible about has been sharing images. Much like the shoemaker’s family, I even fail at sharing the images I take on our journeys. The header image for this post was published back in April and I plan to print it for my new office at work soon. The rest to follow have, to the best of my memory, gone unseen. All of these are from my first visit to a few of the provinces in Eastern Canada.

  • Canada: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Having fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to Alaska, I may have found a mistress in Quebec City. The journey, beginning in Boston and swinging around the coast to the St. Lawrence River, ended in Montreal. Along the way, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Charlottetown, and Sydney all did their best to capture my attention. I would love to revisit all of these locations, but Quebec City really spoke to me. The heavy French influence was a new experience that made me want to visit Continental Europe. I am still longing for another eclair from that bakery on the corner.

How much of the enchantment was a new, unexplored country for me could be argued. Riding the seas on a cruise ship certainly makes things a big more magical. Feeling as though I’m walking the streets of the Old World did a lot to separate me from the every day. Especially after what I had been through not long before, it holds a charm quite separate from other locales.

Stay strong and free, Canada! I will be back!


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