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Are you tired of staring at images on a five-inch, smartphone screen? Not sure what 750×1000 pixels means? Do you miss the thrill of watching someone’s jaw drop the first time they see your image? These reasons and more are why Mark Gunter Photography is declaring this the Year of the Print!

Technology is amazing. I love the ability to share my favorite images so easily. Having the option to animate an image, create slideshows, and more is fun. None of this compares to a large canvas on the wall.

I can show someone their portrait online and they might say they love it. I can later take that same person and show them the printed photograph and they will want a copy on their wall. Why have a copy on your wall if you already have a copy to share with anyone in the world?

Print Is King

That digital version is there and gone just as fast. It will be appreciated and then skimmed past in a second. In contrast, the print owns the space it occupies. You must actively ignore it, not simply swipe it aside. A well executed image can change the ambience of the room in which it resides. It draws the eyes. It demands comments.

To bolster my point, this year I am doing something a bit different. Included in every portrait-related photography package will be at least one print. Yes, models, even when we shoot on trade. I want every person I work with to have a lasting, physical reminder of what we create.


You can start by checking out my photography calendar and reach out to let me know you are interested and what I can create for you. Portraits, products, and landscapes are all fair game. I’ve even been known to provide event coverage.

Do you have a favorite print in your home? If not, let’s fix that soon!

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