Eggnog Enthusiasm Economics

Eggnog Ingredient #1

What do you mean you don’t like eggnog?

While the particulars vary, the conversation happens every year. The words are spoken in disbelief, tinged with the unspoken demand that I head straight away to Confession. My lack of desire to consume eggnog (and sometimes fruitcake) is a form of sacrilege. It is a character flaw. If allowed to go uncorrected, it will be a blemish on my Permanent Record.

“You just haven’t tried the right eggnog.”

To date, I have tried at least a dozen different varieties. Each is guaranteed to be the best. “This one will change your mind,” is the usual promise. Again, the unspoken words are clear. If my mind isn’t changed, my disinterest in imbibing the rich, chilled, sweetened beverage becomes a personal affront. I am simply too stubborn to admit that I really do like it. I should be ashamed of myself. Someone is owed a bit of well-deserved praise for opening my eyes to the truth.

“Oh, come on! You hardly even took a sip!”

Allow me to explain my general impression of eggnog. Do not take this as a challenge. I do not need another sampling.

In my experience, this storied, holiday beverage smells, tastes, and has the consistency of Elmer’s Glue. I like Elmer’s Glue.  Yes, I have tasted it. It is not something that I choose to add to my diet. It is not a flavor for which my taste buds yearn.

Ah, yes, the blank stare of disbelief.

People have different tastes. Finding someone who share your interests, whether it is eggnog, music, or photography, is great. Learning to appreciate another person’s interests can be refreshing. It can often be inspiring. Still, my lack of desire to consume eggnog is not a reflection on how I feel about you personally.

For my fellow artists out there, we need to be fair to ourselves. Our work is personal and, by nature, reflects our tastes. Our potential clients are people who have similar interests. It might even be that your end product matches the style they want to display in their own home.

Really. It’s not you. It’s the drink.

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