Proof Is In The Proofs


My favorite way to show my work is in print. Digital is handy, easy to share, but in most cases, must be shared actively. The viewer must go to a device, perhaps a specific website, to enjoy the image. A print, a beautiful portrait on the wall, draws the random eye. A print is typically shared as part of the environment. It doesn’t need¬† an introduction. The print introduces itself. It is the power of the print that warrants my offering proofs of the images we create together.

A photographic proof is a print of a photograph. It can come in a variety of forms and can serve a variety of purposes. For Mark Gunter Photography, the proof is a 4″x6″ print with a black border. The idea is to show you the quality of the photograph in a printed form. Why? Because only in print are the colors “true”. With digital images, the device upon which you view the image can change the hue and saturation of the photograph. In some cases, the difference between the print and the digital image can make a significant difference in presentation.

I love the fact that I can quickly and easily provide digital proofs. I want to be able to do the same for you with printed proofs. Thankfully, I have vendors who can provide physical proofs in a relatively short amount of time. In most cases, I can provide physical proofs and still deliver digital edits within my usual two-week time frame. In fact, physical prints can often be delivered within two weeks, too.

Today, then, is a renewed commitment from me to provide the best service I can for my clients. If you would like physical proofs, yours to keep, all you need do is ask. These are included as part of most of my packages and, where they are not (specials, sales, etc), they can be had for a nominal price. All to provide you with better proof of what that marvelous print will look like on your wall.

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