Order Prevails In Plain Sight

Today, a different take on that chaos I went on about last time. Experience tells me that the crazier things seem to get, the more I will strive to put things in order. This week has felt quite chaotic as I explore new things and build a collection of “to do” items. There are decisions to be made, tasks to perform, and entertainment to be enjoyed.

Quick Review

I gathered reminders of all the business-related obligations from renewing my licenses, memberships, and maintaining various certifications. At work, more meetings leading to more tasks mixed with another presentation proposal accepted at a gathering of professionals in my field. On the hobby front, new toys and skillsets to be learned are keeping my free time busy. It feels frenzied but a lot of it all is preparing to wait for the next step.

Order Up

When things begin to swirl like this, I often forget to step back and take a breath. From a different vantage point, I am not quite as busy as it seems. Rather, the chaos is a collection of necessary items to which I must attend. Once resolved, the chaos is swept aside. I will find myself moving ahead at a healthy pace. The momentary chaos will lead to order.

At least for a little while. Maybe even a day or two.

Inherent Danger

The problem is two-fold. One one hand, the chaos may help me forget those things I want to do. On the other, the order may result in awkward “to do” placement. This inevitably leads to chaos later on, but I can mitigate it if I take advantage of the order now. Ultimately, it is this cycle that keeps me going. Without order, I feel like I get nothing done. Without chaos, order is meaningless.

And, thus, the clear skies give way to clouds that build into storms that both destroy and give life.

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