Chaos Isn’t All Bad, Right?

Clouds Aren't All Bad

I think a lot of people will understand when I say the last 4-5 years have been rather chaotic. If I’m honest, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, I would argue that living in this world has always been chaotic to some extent. It is the way the world works. Some of us just happen to surf the waves of chaos better. That said, it isn’t all bad, right?

Chaos of New Friends

Over the years, my real friends are found while pursuing common interests. From role-playing and wargaming to photography, an easy 90% of people I associate with are in one of those circles. With the world shut down, I continued to find new friends in these arenas. And when things reopened? I had the wonderful experience of meeting many of them in person. Definitely not all bad.

Knocked From The Saddle

Of course, it has not all been about the growing. COVID sent my photography business spiraling. All of my past business clients faded away. Some are still there, but after pivoting during the pandemic, they changed course. In some instances, they changed ownership. For a variety of reasons, I have not been able to muster new partnerships. To be honest, the balance of power in my interests has shifted and I’m looking in slightly different directions even though I still yearn for a good, creative photoshoot.

All Bad Things Lead To Creativity

Well, kind of. I’m not sure I believe that headline, but I’ll stick with it for the purpose of this paragraph. My brain never sleeps. It abhors boredom. It needs some sort of creative activity. Shut down the world, steal away all my clients, and force me to become a work-from-home hermit. It’s all good. It gives my brain time to think. I’m putting concepts together in a variety of ways, looking to feed the ol’ grey matter.

From the chaos, comes a need to put things into a creative order. I’m good with that.

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