On Target With Onyx

On Target With Onyx

It is absolutely wonderful to have more opportunities to create. Even better, to meet new people to collaborate with while creating! I feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m back in a positive, artistic groove. Four models in three weeks, starting and ending with talent who were new to my lens? Yes, sir! They were all good sets, but the latest one was a lot of fun. We even set off a smoke alarm! If you don’t already know her, I’d like you to give Onyx a very warm welcome!

Onyx was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to a second session. We played with a couple of different lighting setups, each with varying levels of colored gels. Toss in a little bit of fog machine magic, and my humble home studio takes on a different look and feel.

  • Onyx in the Dark

About That Smoke Alarm

I’m not entirely new to using smoke in my shots, but we may have gotten a bit carried away. The tool I use can fill a room with nice mist pretty quickly. Turn off the studio A/C and the ceiling fan and do a little build up. Easy enough. Until the A/C kicks on and the fog suddenly moves to the far side of the room, settling right under the smoke alarm.

I should have known better. When my boy was just a wee baby, we had a humidifier in his room. Turns out that any form of mist can (and will, especially when inconvenient), set off the alarms. Onyx more than took it in stride and was quite gracious in her understanding.

Let’s Get Onyx To Visit Again

Do me a favor and make sure to visit Onyx’ Instagram. Give her a follow and let her know that QuestionMark Photography sent you. We had a good time working together, but show her some love. Let her know you want to see more.

As I write this, I’ve got one or two not-quite-settled shoots planned for September. If you are a model who is interested in working with me, please reach out and say hello! Not a model but need photos? Reach out! I don’t bite! If you know someone that you would like to see me collaborate with, send them my way or drop a link in comments so I know to look at their portfolio.

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