Prisma at Sunrise

Prisma at Sunrise

Finding a model willing to commit to waking up early enough to shoot at sunrise can be a challenge. These shoots can be rather unpredictable but unless heavy clouds roll in, you are all but certain to benefit from a colorful sky. In the end, the results are always well worth the little bit of extra effort.

Prisma was kind enough to meet me at one of my favorite locations which enjoys a wide open view overlooking the lake. The winds in Oklahoma can make it difficult to shoot at times, especially along the shoreline. The main concern is to make sure nothing blows away or over. On this particular morning, we were experiencing fairly strong wind gusts. Prisma braced against the chilly, morning air and her dedication to our collective effort shows.

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There are several reasons I enjoy working at sunrise. Not only is it a good fit for my regular, early-rise schedule, but it usually means I get locations to myself. More importantly, I start with a difficult lighting situation and move towards an abundance of natural light. Like sunset, you will find yourself racing to match the changing conditions. With sunrise, however, the shoot can very easily continue for hours if you so desire. Did I mention that when you shoot that early, you usually get the locations to yourself?

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