Of Reaper and Painting a Tortoise

Painting a Tortoise

Very soon, I will be heading south to join people who make me feel a lot more normal. My enjoyment of playing tabletop games, role-playing games, and painting miniatures of all sorts will certainly not be unique. I will get to catch up to some old friends and some newer acquaintances. I am speaking of Reaper Miniature’s annual ReaperCon event. They are one of many reasons I found myself painting a tortoise recently.

Very Brief Recap

Ages ago, perhaps before you were born, I started playing role-playing games and painting miniatures. Is that a brief enough recap? If you want to know more about my “bad habits”, feel free to ask. You will likely grow tired of the conversation well before I finish. It is one of a few areas where I will really open up and you can see who I really am. Why? Because, like photography, I am passionate about games and painting miniatures.

Painting a Tortoise?

Yes, that’s what I said. I’ve named the bo stick-bearing tortoise accompanying this post Tem. He is most certainly not a ninja nor a turtle. What Tem is was a fun paint job. I am certainly not the most skilled at this particular craft, but there are definitely rewards. It is usually relaxing. When it turns frustrating, learning how to fix the problem feels good. Completing a model and allowing it to find its way to the game table is lots of fun.

When the humble home photography studio lies mostly dormant, painting models like this one keeps me sane. It is one of a few creative outlets where I feel like I have a measure of control that no one can take away. Better yet, it is a hobby which has helped me form friendships with many people that I otherwise would never have known the pleasure of meeting.

Open Invitation

If painting miniatures is something you’re interested in, reach out and say hello. I can help you get started. I’ll be happy to point you to people who can teach you the art to a level well beyond mine. Some of you have no interest in painting, but perhaps some tabletop games or RPGs together are in our future?

And, of course, I’m always looking for models to collaborate with to supplement my miniature painting hobby.

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