Jess C: Model on the Hunt

Jessica C Head Shot

It was a great day when Jess C first crossed my path. Driven to succeed, Jess is not about to let anyone stand in her way for very long. In the time since we first met, it has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a model. A delight to work with, Jess has a great sense of humor and a rapier wit. Once she warms up, she will cut you to the quick if you give her the opportunity for a good laugh.

For any photographer interested in working with Jess, I will happily recommend her. At this point, we have a fun, relaxed rapport which makes things easy for an introvert like myself. Keep it professional, friendly, and be up front with Jess and you will have no trouble creating good images.

You may remember Jess as the “cover girl” for my first blog post for the new Anything But Ordinary. She definitely brought her “A” game with a fun Halloween costume and the right attitude. Here are a few more images from that set:

  • Jess C: Model on the Hunt

As part of the team behind Be Amazing Talent, Jess is sharing her passion with other Oklahoma talent. She has united me with several models for my photography projects and has never been shy about filling a role herself. While shooting the set above, I was tipping her off to one of my new projects. I mentioned one particular image I wanted to create and Jess said, “When can we shoot it?”

Thank you, Jess, for always being ready, willing, and able to help me change a concept into reality. Even when it isn’t you in front of my lens, your assistance is always appreciated!

Contacting Jess C

Jess C

Wardrobe: “Maiden of the Throne” from Starline

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