Rhapsody in Blue: The Beauty of Collaboration

Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody (n.) /ˈræpsədi/ – An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.

Krystal Willis and I have worked together many times over the years. We have learned to foster our combined creativity to take the seed of an idea to a meaningful concept and follow it through to completion. A mutual trust built over several endeavors has allowed us to explore personal projects in a way I hope to reproduce with others.

I came to Mark with a very personal subject matter that I wanted expressed in pictures, but I was not sure how to make it happen.

Rhapsody in Collaboration

Whether it is with my friend, Krystal, or someone I have not yet worked, the pattern of a successful collaboration tends to follow the same path:

  • Introduction of a concept that interests both photographer and subject
  • Discuss the general concept, looking for key points on which to focus
  • Translation of those key points into visual cues
  • Identify how to make the visual cues work together to tell the larger story
  • Identify the time, place, and wardrobe that will help round out the finished image(s)

Ultimately, the key to a successful collaboration is communication. All parties involved must be able to give and take suggestions and possible rejection of those suggestions in stride. Taking the time to have this discussion before the actual session allows for better preparation by everyone. It also gives you the opportunity to develop the always important Plan B. When you’ve decided to shoot at an outdoor location and heavy storms roll in, don’t let it dampen the mood!

We discussed it in detail and Mark was able to come through with a concept that truly expressed my emotions. We shot it and…WOW!! The piece is very emotional and I love it. Thank you Mark! It means a lot to me!

Model: Krystal Willis (on Facebook and Instagram)
Wardrobe: LaTonya Williams of Joppaway Boutique

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