The Post-Session Buzz

Post Shoot Buzz - white stool

It has been far too long. Finally, after a couple of years of hardly any photo sessions and limited collaborations, I got my chance. Two of my favorite people to work with showed up and gave me three hours and a whole lot of talent. Writing this not quite twelve hours removed from when we started, I can still feel that post-session buzz.

What Are You On About?

Participating in a positive, creative collaboration is an amazing thing. Each person plays their part to create a melody. Then, when it is all brought together and those final adjustments are made, you realize the depth of the harmonies. When the song ends, you find yourself humming the resulting motifs. Years later, the general tone of this event will remain with you.

By the time this posts I’ll be further along, but at this point, I’ve only reviewed the first two sets we created. I can see the harmony in the images. The collaboration speaks to me on the level I needed in this time and place. I enjoy working one-on-one with models, but each additional person serves as a force multiplier. When everyone enjoys working together and brings their best, it is a wonderful thing.

The Buzz Continues

This time, we gathered to have fun working together, but we also had a specific purpose in mind. We were aiming for publication in a specific magazine. I had been published there before, but it has been years. Nearly seven if my math is correct. This particular publication has been on a bit of a hiatus. When they decided to spin things back up, they reached out to past contributors for help. For me, it was a no-brainer. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share more soon.

I have been published in a range of publications in multiple genres from landscapes to portraits. Photography is not my full-time occupation, so it is rewarding and affirming when I get the chance to see my images in print, having passes the muster of editors I have usually never met. While certainly not a mainstay of what I shoot, it is a reminder of why.

If you are a model, designer, or makeup artist and would like to join in the fun, reach out and say hello. It could be the start of a beautiful collaboration.

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