March Madness

March Madness - 80 miniatures

It’s in full swing. March Madness, that is. Both basketball and miniature painting. I can safely say that March was the best month yet for numbers, but I think the paintjobs may have suffered a bit. Or maybe it was just a few of the miniatures I painted that were subpar? It happens, especially in a collection with models ranging such a wide range in style and age. Regardless, I had fun with every one of these!

I know I’m going to miss naming all of these as it is a pretty eclectic mix. As always, Reaper Miniatures is in the mix. Lots of Bones V spell effects. We’ve got wall sections, vines, giant hands, floating discs, and more. The front group of miniatures is also their product. All the blue storage tanks? Also from Reaper for Talon Game’s CAV.

The four standing pillars and the broken one are products of Wizkids as are the five characters standing in front of all the blue structures. The three flaming braziers are from a set of miniatures I have for Relicblade. I’ll eventually get around to the rest of those. More animals from CritIt including a rhinocerous, boar, gorilla, crow, rat, and a large weasel.

The purple-rimmed miniatures and the single green-rimmed miniature on the far left are all from MERCS: Recon. I’ve got a lot more of their stuff to come, but quite possibly not in the current flood of painting.

And, finally, all the rats in the lower right. I believe they are all from Midlam Miniatures. I really enjoy their style of sculpt. It’s a nice line between the ancient stuff I started with and the newer, often overly detailed models. They have character!

Speaking of character, I’m always looking for excuses to play! Need another gamer at your RPG table? Maybe a game master? Or perhaps you just want to do some wargaming? I’m here!

Posting may be a bit sporadic for a bit. The day job is on a mission and I’m in the thick of it. In addition, I’ve had a couple of great photoshoots, but we’re waiting to see if they’ll get published in a magazine that’s working on a comeback after a long hiatus. Of course, if you want to step in front of my lens to get some content of your own, I’m also here for that!

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