Shoveling New Holes

Shoveling - Pair of Northern Shovelers

I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks. The day job has had me mentally tied down, too drained to free myself up for creative pursuits. Then, just as I was hitting my limit, a smartly planned week off arrived. I had nothing special planned, but plenty to do. With a lot on my mind, I skipped writing posts that so few people read in order to focus on other things. I was not the only one shoveling away.

Northern Shovelers

Occasional visitors to our pond, I was pleased to see a pair of Northern Shovelers visit. Since this pair, I have seen at least three males. They prefer when the pond is a bit deeper and recent rains made it more appealing. They are always fun to watch as they spin in circles, often in pairs, sweeping the water with their large bills. It reminds me of how I must look at times to those who watch me pursuing my own interests.

What Am I Shoveling?

I use the term for a bit of SEO boosting (got to have those focus keyphrases!), but it can also be used to describe the work I have been up to lately. Outside of the day job, I am working on multiple projects. I will share one such project next time. It is a bit of a story that may continue to develop. It also has a direct impact on other projects in ways I am still exploring. Beyond that, I did a lot of much-needed reorganizing and cleaning.

Work From Home Dynamics

When you work from home full-time, the experts say to create a space separate from your personal life. For me, that becomes a bit of a shuffle. My “office” is also my photography studio which is also a great place to set up a game table. Add to this a need to rearrange the space and, perhaps, you can guess what I was up to for a few days. Thoughtfully rearranging a space to fit multiple needs and future plans can be a challenge.

Fortunately, I think I made it work and still got a bit of rest.

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