A New Challenge

New Challenge

The past few weeks have been quite busy. Working on detailed projects at work tends to focus my brain in weird ways. Days disappear into the nether and I have to force myself to disconnect so my brain can relax a bit. Then, when my brain catches its breath, the ideas come. I’ve got one idea on a burner which is going to take time to put together. Just the other day, an old idea I had shared a couple of years ago became a challenge.

Too Busy To Talk

In a lot of ways, I tend to coast along, taking what opportunities arise. When I have an idea that relies solely on me, I do okay. The moment more people get involved, the trouble begins, especially if it involves me taking the lead in any form of socializing. That’s not me. I’m more an idea guy or, if it is something I’m truly passionate about, an executor. When my head is down and a workday feels like only a few minutes, I’m in a zone, too busy to talk. It is probably when I am at my best.

New Challenge Ahead

I am looking at two specific things right now. The first challenge has been in the planning stages for a while and, while I’ve put a few things in motion, I’m not quite ready to reveal exactly what I’m up to just yet. One thing I know is that I expect it will be fun for me, at least for a bit. As long as I can keep it fun, the challenge will be rewarding enough to keep me going. The second challenge will allow me to rehearse a bit for the first. But there is a catch.

A Tight Deadline

There is a relatively simple thing I have wanted to do for a while but I have never made the time to do it. It is not terribly fascinating, but my knowledge and my approach of sharing it with others has proven useful in a few cases. When I survey the landscape, I see plenty of others already covering the same ground, a fact that has held me back. After helping someone I respect, they threw down the gauntlet. In so doing, they put my brain into a new gear. Even though my brain is buried in work stuff, a few gears in the back have been turning full tilt ever since.

Patience, Please

I realize I’m not revealing much about anything here. I beg your patience. Perfectionist tendencies, impostor syndrome, and time constraints all have my attention right now. The first two are being told to sit down and shut up. The third item is now simply a goal. Now is not the time to talk. Now is the time to do and give back to a specific community. Most of you will not be at all impressed. That’s okay. You’re not the audience of challenge number two. The important part, to me, is that it will prepare me to better succeed at challenge number one.

Oh, you’ll likely not be terribly interested in that challenge either. That’s okay, too.

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