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Over the years, I have dipped my toes into a number of hobbies. Somehow, I keep managing to string them all together in new ways. If my posts seem to meander from place to place, it is probably because that is what my mind does. Except, from my point of view, I see the common thread. I suppose my job is to provide a paper trail? Perhaps. For now, let’s explore where today’s portal takes me.

Purple Portal Photography

The image on this post was a fun one to create. The model (actually, two identical models lined up, one behind the other) is a Reaper Miniatures Mystic Portal. Here you have my gaming hobby mixing with my painting hobby illustrated by my photography. It is a simple product photo with a gelled light providing the light helping illuminate the transparent purple of the portal model(s). I say simple, but it took considerable work to get everything lined up just right. Now, I wished I had added a bit of smoke to the image, too.

Portal To Photography

It is images such as the one below that start really tying things together. A couple of years ago, I was inspired to do a video on how to photograph miniatures. Life caused that to be set aside until, a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of my plan. My friend, Luca, a.k.a MiniaturesDen on Twitch, threw down a gauntlet. His challenge led me to focusing on video production in my spare time. While far from perfect, I got it done and, for the first time in years, I have new videos on my YouTube channel. If you want a walk through of the Exposure Triangle, I think you’ll find the first video helpful. Nevermind the odd introduction. It is a bit of an inside joke with the other Alpacas. Want in on it? Check out Luca’s stream.

Looking Ahead

The portal goes much farther. Revisiting my rather weak audio/video skills is prepping me to pursue another big project that has been in the works for a bit now. And it gave me ideas for other things I need to do to get “back in the game” as it were. Looking ahead, I have work to do that doesn’t involve the day job. Now, to make the time for it.

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