Home Is Where the Heart Is

My Street, My Home

Just over 15 years ago, I did not have a home. In the span of a couple of months, I found myself divorced, unemployed, and would have been homeless save for friends and family who provided shelter. It was as dark a time as I had ever experienced. It was six months before I finally crawled out of that hole.

My Spiritual Home

Great support and a general refusal to explore complete and abject failure helped me to persevere. I found a job with an employer who has kept me on for over fourteen years. I met a love that sustains me daily and has literally saved my life. With the support of that job and that love, I was able to pursue and complete a graduate degree. As I finished that education, I was given a son of whom I am very proud. It is a joy to watch him grow into a young man. These among many other things, including photography, gave me renewed purpose.

The Physical Home

Somewhere in the middle of building a new, spiritual home, I found the means to build a physical home. For a man who was all but homeless a few years before, being able to choose a plot of land and a house plan with my wife, this moment was nothing short of a miracle. This is my house. This is my home. It has been just that for over eleven years now.

The Heart

I have led a good life despite a couple of harrowing travails. I have lost parts of myself, been shaken to the core, and rediscovered who I am. While there are still struggles, there is no doubt that I am materially blessed. The future being uncertain, I am confident that my lot in life will see me through. None of this means anything without those who keep my heart warm.

Whatever the obstacles confronting you today, remain focused and persevere. In dark times, we find ourselves, we find our friends, and we find truths. Learn and live again.

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