Riding Along On A Carousel

Carousel zebras

There is a song playing in my head as I scramble from one thing to another. It seems like every time I catch up, something shifts. I am going “round and ’round and ’round and ’round” in an endless cycle. Still, I manage forward progress. Today, another quick peek at the carousel I’m on.

Work/Life Balance

Even when I’m not on the clock, my job has my mind spinning. In a completely different role than I was eight years ago, my new job has me looking back. I am assisting my old office in a very positive transition. Things are being modernized, but that takes time and a lot of energy. Resolving old processes into new procedures keeps the brain spinning even in my sleep. It makes it difficult to focus on my personal projects, photography, or even just having fun.

The Photography Carousel

At this point, I’m not even trying. Nearly every person I’ve spoken with is excited to set up a session, then ghosts me. Given my mind is already spinning, it is not worth my time. That said, I am really wanting to get back to shooting. Fortunately, while the talented people I need are hiding, I’ve got other things to keep me busy.

Gaming and Painting

I have managed to keep myself in a cycle of playing the games I love about once a week. A little table-top roleplaying combined with a few random miniature and board games? Yes, sir, that will do! And, of course, my brush keeps busy as I continue to paint, on average, more than a miniature a day. The pile of opportunity is dwindling. Not quickly, but it is getting smaller. For now.

Exciting and New

New on the carousel is a new project that I am slowly working on to bring my photography and gaming passions together. Major pieces are pulling together. If you are a fan of table-top RPGs, stay tuned! I will be looking for people who aren’t shy of cameras and microphones to join the fun soon.

Yes, I know. The photo doesn’t really match. But I’ve seen zebras on carousels before, so I’m counting it.

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