Reflections of Being and Purpose


I am neck deep in familiar work. However, I have not dwelled in it this deeply for years. As I do so, I see what we all see in such things: reflections of those who came before us. Problem-solving approaches, mistakes, and other remnants cast an image of the resolve of others to do the job right. Or, perhaps, they reflect a lack of support and rushed timelines. What we leave behind, even if it is not our chosen legacy, reflects on who we are and how ardently we stride towards our purpose.

Reflections on Glass

I love photos like the attached. Nature reflected in a man-made structure. Seeming chaotic movements dancing across an artificially ordered surface. Now, imagine one of those windows is broken or missing. It will stand out dramatically and tell quite a different story. The nature of my work, generally speaking, is to fix that problem. Not literally, of course. But, when you work with data, such “broken windows” definitely need to be repaired. Quickly.

What Am I On About?

As I’ve hinted at recently, I am working on a new venture. That means my perfectionist tendencies get to look deal with a lot of “broken windows” in a short period of time. I know what I need but I do not always know how to achieve what I need in the proper manner. I am doing a lot of research, but even if I get everything exactly right, I know I will need help to launch. The hard part, for me, is recognizing that it will not go as smoothly as I would like and I need to be fine with that.

Smoother Reflections?

This is where things get hard for me. It isn’t that I am afraid to ask for help. It is that help rarely answers with the sincerity and purpose I need. When I call out and get no response, it convinces me that my purpose is without merit. In this case, however, I am all but ready to pull the trigger. A few technical items to brush aside and a little time commitment from a few people is all I need to get a proof of concept. So, how can you help me get those smooth reflections I need for this project?

I am currently too busy looking at the current reflections and trying to smooth them out. With a few deadlines for myself, things are moving, so keep an eye out for more information. A foundation has been set. I am currently working on the walls. All that said, if you enjoy table-top roleplaying games and would love a chance to share your thoughts with others, I’d love to hear from you.

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