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Today I thought I would share a little inside baseball with you. To me, the key difference between a hobbyist and a professional photographer is the finished product. Creating a digital image is relatively easy these days. To consistently create quality images takes practice. Translating the digital image to a lasting, physical piece of art that will be passed along through the years can be a daunting task. Enter the quality, professional photographic print vendor.

We own many DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that sit idle on the shelf. When those same films show on television, we’ll watch them in their entirety. To purposefully pop in a disc, I have to be in just the right mood. Letting a friend borrow that same disc is easy enough. We’ll want it back, of course, so that it can sit on the shelf some more. I won’t pretend to understand why that is, but it seems to hold true in my social circles.

There is a clear difference in how we digest a digital image versus a printed image. Digital is great for getting a quick message across. Physical images are demonstrably a better memory aid. If something is readily and easily available, it becomes less important to enjoy them now. Think about it. A classic movie like Casablanca is being played on a big screen and people go out of their way to enjoy it even though they can watch it on demand at home. The difference is the memorable experience of the format.

It boils down to making the occurrence of an event special. This is exactly why the printed image is so important to me. It is also why I take great care in selecting my photographic print vendors. Recently, due to a printing error that a vendor refused to correct, I re-evaluated with whom I do business. My clients deserve the best. The best includes consistent quality and reasonable turn-around time. For printed products, I need reliable vendors.

You trust me to produce quality images. When you ask me to provide a physical product, I trust a vendor to do the job well. Fortunately, there are several amazing vendors who I know I can trust to deliver whether it is a simple photographic print, a poster, or a large canvas.

Whether you come to me for digital images or prints, know that my number one priority is preserving a memorable moment for you. I love the ease of sharing digital provides, but I hope you continue to ask for the quality wall art that I know my vendors and I can provide.

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