Elusive Concept Cat Catering Now

Elusive Concept Cat

My brain has three speeds: On, off, and “where are we going today?” It is this latter brain state that plays host to the rollercoaster peaks and valleys in my head. One day, I have no ideas. The next, I have every idea possible and no way to jot them all down much less act on them. In one of those deep, dark, troughs, I was going through old images in my catalog. I have a lot of old images. I was searching for inspiration. Then, I came across this picture which I am now dubbing the Elusive Concept Cat. It coincided with an idea that shot me out of Doldrum Valley and straight to Creative Peak.

Why Elusive

This photograph is just over fourteen years old. I completely forgot about this picture, but the second I saw it, that day came flooding back like it just happened. Another fine demonstration of why “capturing memories” is not just a catch phrase. I was at the lake on an early morning scouting mission when two dogs paid a visit. They were quite friendly and had no intention of letting me be alone. Then, not too far away, I saw movement. A flash of fur darting from rock to rock. And then this elusive creature peered at me, looking just a bit cross-eyed, and stood there watching for several minutes.

Concept Cat

So, elusive is easy enough, but why do I dub this creature the “concept cat”? It is mostly a matter of timing. When I stumbled across this forgotten gem, it immediately went into my “must share” folder. That got my mind spinning as to what I might write about that would make sense of this image. Nothing. Until, that is, I had a completely unrelated idea. Much like this cat, it was hiding behind very obvious rocks, peering around at me as if to say, “I’m over here! Look at me!” Now, the elusive concept cat makes sense to me.

Just A Bunch Of Random Prattle

Indeed. That’s what I’m best at and that’s why the elusive concept cat is suddenly a favorite image of mine. It reminds me that my brain is constantly peering at me from around corners, teasing me to chase this or that idea. And they all require a lot of time and effort. This latest concept requires people. A lot of people. Consistent people. And the concept cat is telling me that, this time, it might just work.

Hold on, folks. I am already off on a new adventure. I have no idea where it will take me. Even if I crash and burn, it will have been worthwhile.

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