Making It Rain

Making It Rain

If memory serves correctly, we discussed doing a similar shoot before. Other plans get in the way and we find ourselves collaborating for the first time in years. The familiar theme pops up again. Yes, this time we will shoot this! This time we will be making it rain!

Keep It Simple

There are a lot of ways to do this sort of work. Sprinklers in the lawn. Irrigation pipes hanging from a ceiling. Photoshopping in rain drops after the fact. Or, simply have the model stand in the shower.

Take a roll of black, plastic tablecloth material. Cut a piece to the desired length. Tape it to the shower wall to get a black backdrop. Add some backlight to make sure the water drops can be properly seen in the shot. Insert model. Let her wet her hair. Take photos.

  • Making It Rain

Keeping Up Appearances

I recently had some conversations about things that appear to be in photographs that are not actually there. In many cases, making things appear to be there is easier than actually putting them in the image. You don’t need photoshop. You don’t need a fancy studio. What you do need is some imagination and a desire to experiment.

We could have easily captured these shots somewhere else. Literally any other shower would do. I could capture similar images in your backyard at high noon with very few changes to the technique. The point is that if you have a vision for the final image, you can often break it down to very simple components.

Making It Rain For You

If you enjoy this style of image, let’s talk about making it rain for you! We can easily put a spin on things or just have you hop in the shower. No nudity required. Bare shoulders can be convincing, but they aren’t a necessity. If you’d like, wear a parka with the hood up. We’ll make it work!

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