Painting Continues

Painting Continues - February 2022

Last month, I introduced you to my recent miniature painting obsession. Well, despite my determined intention to not treat this like a 365 Day Challenge, I am headed there quickly. That’s right! The painting continues!

I have a significant Pile of Opportunity from which to pull miniatures. I continue to focus on table-top quality and brush control, but I am starting to take a bit of a turn towards the details. This should slow me down a bit. Having a nearly two month lead on a “one per day” approach, I can afford it. Besides, I have some larger miniatures I would like to get to before long.

February’s Mix of Miniatures

Following the January painting frenzy, I decided to take advantage of it. I looked through my stash and found miniatures that would be relatively quick, used a similar color palette, and were somewhat repetitive. This is the approach a miniature wargamer takes to knock out a large number of “troops” leading up to a gaming tournament. It works well here, too. Regardless, it has turned into a relatively diverse group of miniatures.

Let’s get to the list of miniatures in the February photo:

  • Cultists galore! I needed some robe-wearing sycophants for my home-brew DnD campaign world. These made for a quick start with over 30 miniatures. First were the Cult of the Demon Lord minis from Effincool Miniatures. Joining these all male cultists were the Moon Cultists from Midlam Miniatures.
  • A few animals from CritIt that are of varying scales. Some are just right for 28mm, others make decent “Dire” variants. There is a “croco-gator”, bat, lion, and dog in this mix. The others will follow eventually.
  • Some dock-type terrain from Galladoria Games that gets me over half-through the box I picked up last year at ReaperCon. I still have lamp posts and some other bits to finish.
  • More Reaper Miniatures stuff! Let’s face it, I’ll be tossing a bit of Reaper in every month. They make up the largest part of my backlog and it is all fun and easy to paint. This included some more dock pieces, a rock troll (44002), rockmaw (44039), dire croc (77670), more giant bats (44040), a few zombies (07055), a cute pup that goes with a bard I have yet to paint (44114), and some other figs painted after I put this list together.

All told, February will probably be my most productive in terms of pure numbers. As of February 28th, I stand at 72 miniatures for the month, 120 for the year. That is nearly 33% of the way to 365!

  • February Painting Continues collection

Painting Continues Into March

Yes, I’ll keep painting in March. That said, I have plans to swing back into some photography very soon! On the calendar is some work with a favorite designer and some favorite models. More to come, of both miniatures and photography. If there is a particular model you’d like a better view of, let me know in comments and I’ll post additional images on my Instagram.

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