Krystal Strikes A Chord

Krystal Strikes a Chord

A plan was made. We would photograph dresses and the designer would bring the models. It was April 14, 2011. My memory is so clear on this because, well, I looked up the EXIF data on my favorite image from that day. It isn’t cheating to use the tools at your disposal. On that cold, blustery, cloudy day, one of those three models walked into my photography career and never left. Krystal has been a constant creative help and always strikes a chord.

The other models were wonderful, make no mistake. I would gladly have them in front of my lens again even now. I was definitely the sour note in our creative efforts. Looking back now, I did pretty well, but it could have been so much more. That particular session will always be a fond milestone along my journey.

Major Chord

I could look up how many times Krystal and I have worked together over the years, but I am more interested in when we will work together again. When I say she strikes a chord, I mean it in the full sense of the idiom. When we get together to plot and scheme, we seem to resonate with one another. A simple idea quickly blooms into a full set of images. Should we do something a bit more impromptu, it isn’t long before we find a solid rhythm.

  • Krystal Strikes a Chord

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Minor Chord

In stark contrast to the uplifting experience of working with Krystal, the last two years have been a considerable weight. The creative back-and-forth is an important part of my mental well-being. The limited amount of model photography has been a struggle for me. I would rather have a mediocre studio session than no session at all. Lately, it seems, life in general stands in the way of networking. Every time I feel like we’re getting back to normal, the door slams again. I am very ready for a different chord progression. I need more Krystals in front of my camera!

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