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Sanity with Raven Lynette and Marie Brooks

While censored, images below are NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Please use discretion when viewing.

Having passed my IT certification exam, despite all of the confusion, today is officially Throwback Thursday! We are not going back too far, though. Just two weeks or so, before I temporarily lost sanity. The professionalism of these two models stands in marked contrast to what would follow. I give them credit for not only helping with exploring light, but for providing a landmark back to sanity.


The timing was right. Raven Lynnette reached out just as I was starting my staycation. Had I known what waited for me this past week, I would not have hesitated. Even so, following up in good time provided the opportunity to work not only with Raven, but also with Marie Brooks. I think you will agree that it was a wise choice.

Sanity of Style

My “style”, as it were, has roamed over the years. I struggle to describe my style despite the experts suggesting various tactics. Ask people for three words that describe what they see in your work. Pick the top three images you’ve ever created. Look at your work until you see the pattern. My brain has trouble working that way. I know what I like today. Tomorrow, it may be different. The important part is that how I shoot is consistent, not necessarily what I shoot.

When I look at the how and connect it with my why, things start to make sense. I know the elements that appeal to me. I know how I can put them together. What I struggle with is finding the people who will take that ride with me long enough to create art.

Enter Raven and Marie

  • Sanity with Raven Lynette and Marie Brooks

What can I say but, “Wow!” They delivered what I needed on that day at that time. I gave them a general idea of the final look I was after and otherwise let them do their thing. From wardrobe to posing, they ran the show. The results were spot on with my request. Aiming for a specific look, I got it in spades. The images here are just part of the fun. I’ve already set aside favorites for individual showcases of each models in the near future. Stay tuned!

I end with a general thanks to “big name” photographers whom I have never met and a few local photographers who continuously inspire me. What Robin and Marie helped me create is certainly not some amazing, new style. Rather, it is an homage to those who traveled this particular path before me.

Who’s next?

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