Now For Something Completely Different

As I sit down to write a new blog post, I realize that I am tapped out. My head is in a weird place that will inevitably lead to over-sharing. Or vague-posting. I’m one of those who doesn’t care for awkward silences in conversations and this feels like one of those. “Maybe I shouldn’t post at all”, I tell myself. “It won’t make that big of a difference in who is reading this, right?” Good point. Or, we could do something completely different!

But, You Promised!

Except that I do have some fun photos to share, featuring the wonderful models from my last post. It proved to be quite popular. But I want to save the next set of images for Thursday. Need to pace myself, right? Time to find something different to talk about or share instead.

Different Mascarons

I have a folder of potential images to use, hoping to someday be inspired enough by one or two for a post just like today. I’ve had a few images staring at me for quite some time. Today, they seem like the exact kind of different I need for this post!

A mascaron in Boston
Another mascaron in Boston
A different mascaron in Boston

Above are three mascarons which I photographed during a tour of Boston in 2017. “What is a mascaron?” I hear you ask. A mascaron is an ornamental face used in architecture. Originally designed to frighten away evil spirits, these interesting features became purely decorative elements.

A Different City, A Different Time

A couple of years later, I visited Chicago for a photography event, the inaugural ClickCon. I am not much for large crowds, but the conference was fun. One highlight was a guided photo tour of the streets with a group of photographers and some dancers. The result are images I might have shared somewhere, but they are certainly different enough for today’s post.

A different sunset in Chicago
Dancers in Chicago
Different Lights - a timed exposure of Chicago's streets.

So, there you have it, a little something different. Take a moment to leave a comment and tell me which photo is your favorite. Perhaps it will trigger another idea for a future post.

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