Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Time for Jess - Female model portrait in black and white

Thanks to the American rock band Chicago, a lot of lyrics have been jammed into my head over the years. These particular words about time come to mind this morning:

And I was walking down the street one day
A pretty lady looked at me and said her diamond watch had stopped cold dead
And I said Does anybody really know what time it is (I don’t)
Does anybody really care (care about time)
If so I can’t imagine why (no, no)
We’ve all got time enough to cry

If you know the song, you may need to listen to something else to get the tune out of your head. You’re welcome. Chicago has a wide range of hits to choose from, but I suggest 25 to 6 to 4 as a great ear-worm cleanser. If it doesn’t get your pulse going, you’re not paying attention. It’s a classic.

That wonderful person in the photo at the top of this post is a classic, too. Time spent with Jess in front of the lens is time well spent. Since we first met several years ago, we have both learned a lot about our respective crafts. Our lives have changed considerably over that time and I am happy to say I think we have both come out ahead. Most importantly, from the perspective of this photographer, we’ve had a lot of fun collaborating.

The Time is Now

It is certain that Jess and I will make time to work with each other again and I look forward to it. Right now, though, I have time to work with you.

Check my work at and Like what you see? I’m always for hire, but I’m also considering trade. You’ll need to jump through one simple hoop, though. Visit my mood board and mark any images that inspire you by clicking the star just below it. Then, shoot me a message so I know you are ready to talk about working together. Yes, you’ll need to enter an email address to get in. That’s just to help keep out the wildlife. The same goes for that locked gallery. Just ask me for the password if you’re interested in that genre.

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