Gallery On The Stairs

Gallery on the Stairs

When we decided to build our home, we found a plan we loved and asked for one modification. The architect added a stairway next to the front door that led to the attic. A nice space, roughly 270 square feet, now serves as an office and a photo studio. I spend a lot of time in this room with no windows. Roughly half of my photo sessions happen here. If you’ve ever worked with me, you have seen my gallery on the stairs.

The Not-So-Private Collection

The gallery on the stairs is a collection of some of my favorite photographs. There are a couple of canvases and some professional framed pieces. I use these to show my clients some of the options available for printed work. As you turn the corner for the last set of steps, there are a series of 8×12 prints, matted and framed, that show the range of my work over the years. It is a bit haphazard and, at random intervals, I rotate through images. I am the only regular visitor.

During the “two weeks to flatten the curve”, things changed in the house. New flooring and paint in one room led to a beautiful armoire being hefted up the stairs to the studio. It now hides a significant portion of the photographic equipment detritus. As a result of it’s journey, the gallery in the stairs came down for a time.

This past weekend, I cleaned the studio. The gallery on the stairs is restored. Well, in a sense. Once carefully spread out, they are now in a tight grouping at the top. I will continue to create. It has room to grow. And I have room to grow. Every time I walk up the stairs, my past work inspires tomorrow’s work. This is good.

Join The Gallery On The Stairs

Check my work at and Like what you see? I’m always for hire, but I’m also considering trade. You’ll need to jump through one simple hoop, though. Visit my mood board and mark any images that inspire you by clicking the star just below it. Then, shoot me a message so I know you are ready to talk about working together. Yes, you’ll need to enter an email address to get in. That’s just to help keep out the wildlife. The same goes for that locked gallery. Just ask me for the password if you’re interested in that genre.

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