Not At All Amused

"The Muse" promotional poster

After a break that is far too long, I start out with a bit of a pun. Welcome to my world, where my brain never fully shuts off and wants to make a joke of almost anything. The irony is that, most of the time, I’m really not all that amused by my humor. It’s just a thing that happens and tells me I’m alive. Honestly, only through doing creative things am I able to stave off insanity. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

I could go on a lengthy, self-reflecting diatribe here. I could discuss why there have been no new posts in over two years. That would be boring and you wouldn’t read it. You can probably guess one of the big contributors anyway (pandemic, anyone?). Instead of telling you where I’ve been, let’s talk about where I would like to go.

I made the poster above years ago. Amused with the idea of a movie poster, I used an image from my vacation photo archive. I went with “The Muse” because, as any artist, that’s the dream: Finding someone who inspires you creatively. Is it still cute enough an idea to consider updating the “Special Appearance” bit? Sugar the Cat is no longer with us at this point.

Where To Next?

This poster reflects where I am heading (or hoping to) again today. Thanks to the pandemic, my photography business all but died. My primary creative outlet laid aside for a time, I fell back on other things. I can’t get enough of a creative life from those. It is time to get back in the game and search for that mythical muse.

Over the years, I have worked with wonderful people who have truly inspired me to be a better photographer and a better person. Thanks to them, I have grown as an artist despite self-imposed barriers to success. The natural flow of life has found me in a position where I need to refresh my network. I am not replacing, but rather adding to, the list of those with whom I love to collaborate.

This is me asking for help and wanting to help you. My camera cries itself to sleep at night thinking I’ve forgotten about it despite near daily conversations. It wants to play. It needs new friends to give it purpose. We would both love to continue the hapless quest for a muse. I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, you could benefit from my talents.

My Mood Board

Check my work at and Like what you see? I’m always for hire, but I’m also considering trade. You’ll need to jump through one simple hoop, though. Visit my mood board and mark any images that inspire you by clicking the star just below it. Then, shoot me a message so I know you are ready to talk about working together. Yes, you’ll need to enter an email address to get in. That’s just to help keep out the wildlife. The same goes for that locked gallery. Just ask me for the password if you’re interested in that genre.

I hope to find inspiration to pick back up with this blog regularly. It starts with you. Let’s tickle those creative taste buds!

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