Turtles In The Sun

Turtles in the Sun

Being able to work from home has benefits that I do not want to overlook. Among them is the ability to enjoy one’s home during the lunch hour. As I enjoy a quick and easy meal, I can look out at the small, neighborhood pond that has entertained me so much over the years. Numerous animals visit this little, backyard paradise. Alongside flocks of ducks and geese that come and go, we often get to see the turtles in the sun.

Bale, Not Bail

It is more common to only see the heads of a dozen or more turtles breaking the surface. We cannot be sure how many turtles call the pond home, but there are a lot of them. Enough that I went looking for the collective description for a group of turtles. We have a bale of turtles in the pond. A bale of turtles in the sun. Sounds descriptive.

What Can We Learn?

I often look at images like these turtles and see some story or lesson to be told. This one is quite simple and straight forward. These turtles in the sun are simply enjoying their best life. Some have the burden of algae-covered shells while others look freshly prepped for a fancy dress ball. There they all sit on the slightly muddy shore of a small, community pond, basking in the warm light. They seem to not have a care in the world. Not until, that is, they see something that looks to be a threat. Then, you will see them move with great purpose.

Perhaps that is our lesson: Enjoy your down time, but hustle when the time comes.

I’m no expert on turtles. I’m curious what we’ve got in the pond. Most of these are big, look like sliders, but are significantly larger. And what is up with that white shell? If you can help identify these critters, drop a message below.

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