Sunrise Intervenes on the Silence

Sunrise Sabra

Sometimes, several weeks flash by like they are nothing. Who am I kidding? They always seem to fly by these days. Life piles up fast, time runs out, and distractions are ubiquitous. Somewhere along the way, you have to stop long enough to catch your breath and enjoy a bit of silence.

Silence is Golden

Every time I hear that phrase, I hear the Tremeloes following with, “but my eyes still see.” It tends to change how I interpret the saying. In this case, I think both apply. Those quiet moments can be vitally important but complete separation for too long can undo the peace gained. In the current “silence”, I am doing anything but separating from things.

Breaking the Silence

This may be temporary. With a lot going on, I have to prioritize. This blog is a one-man show and this man has been preoccupied. But, when a chance comes along to take the camera somewhere and create some art? That causes things to reshuffle. And that is what happened last weekend.

Behind the Scenes

I think I first worked with Sabra about a decade ago. There are only a few models who have spent more time in front of my lens. She had some ideas and I had a potential location. A relaxing and successful scouting mission, resulting in some wonderful wildlife photos, nailed down the plan. With time and place determined, we could only hope for decent weather and beautiful skies. We got both.

  • Sunrise Sabra

While things are busy, I can almost always make time for a photo session. Photography is one of those places where I often find a sense of silence. If you would like to join me in a creative collaboration, I hope you will reach out. I find joy helping others realize their image needs.

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