Yet Another New Beginning

Beginning a New Day

Certainly an oversimplification, it seems that each decade of life brings with it a new beginning. Among countless memories reside key fulcrums upon which my future dramatically changed. Removed from those moments, I have internalized their impact on my life. It requires active reflection upon them to recognize how they have changed my path.

I am now 18 months removed from an event that derailed every aspect of my existence. Thanks to a great many people, I have returned from the brink. This particular fulcrum was a nail biter, reminding me that this life is finite.


I am a flawed human being who wants to be better. Being negative comes too easy, disguising the fact that I am generally a very positive person. The majority of my negativity is directed inwards and, unfortunately, I make an easy target. Others see in me more than I see in myself. I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt while doubting myself.


Physically, I am probably in the best shape of my life. I have lost a considerable amount of weight and, in doing so, I have strengthened myself. The strength is not just physical, though. I believe I am also stronger in recognizing my capability to do and be more.


I realize that waiting on others is costing both time and energy. Dozens of creative concepts sit dormant as I wait for someone to respond to my call. No more. I have a concept I want to photograph. You are either in and ready to go or I am working to find someone else.


I can spend the rest of my days bemoaning the past. I know I will occasionally fall back into that trap. Life is full of beginnings. This implies that life is also full of endings. How you deal with what lies between makes all the difference. For me, it starts by remembering that even I am Anything But Ordinary.

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