Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations


Let’s be brutally honest: The last two years have been pretty rotten. Pandemics, lock-downs, and a generally unpleasant environment overall. The coming year seems well prepared to bring more of the same. It is up to us, as individuals, to start picking up good vibrations to share with the world. I want to get back to doing just that with my camera.

The Colorful Clothes She Wears

The first place I turn for Good Vibrations should be obvious to most who know me. Generally speaking, music is medicine for my soul. The right song at the right time will completely change my frame of mind. It can sing me through a mood I need help traversing. Music is memory.

Likewise, I often turn to my favorite tunes for photo session inspiration. What is it about a specific song that speaks to me? How do I work with a model to capture that? If there is a formula, I haven’t quite found it yet. But, I plan to keep trying for as long as the world will let me.

The Way the Sunlight Plays Upon Her Hair

Good lyrics often serve as a lens through which I view life. This often includes how I shoot photographs. I have a song, a phrase, or a word in my head that guides what I’m doing. Inevitably, I get lost in the process. Whether I properly address what was in my head at the start doesn’t matter. The point is that I started and I found someone to help me play it through to the end.

To be honest, I’m not a hyper-technical photographer, but I do enjoy playing with lighting. It doesn’t matter if it is the sun at high noon or a couple of lights in a windowless studio. Being able to control the sunlight in the model’s hair is satisfying. Being able to create a dynamic, meaningful image is what I aim to do.

Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations

If you want to join me on my journey, even if only for a little while, let’s talk. Check my work at https://markgunterphotography.com and http://www.questionmarkphoto.com. Then hit me up and let’s talk about how we will create something fun and creative.

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