Perfect Storms and Wonderful Walls

Wonderful Walls

For my day job, this time of year is one of the busiest. It is ripe for perfect storms that create chaos. It is also a time where those strong winds pin you to the wonderful walls erected by tradition, obstinance, and a general refusal to change. These days are trying but often rewarding. Without going into dull details, I find myself in a position of navigating it all from a wholly new perspective. In a way, I am reliving the past but, this time, I have the forecast and can turn the walls to better counter the winds.

Behind the Walls

On the photography front, well, it’s been in the doldrums for a good bit. While I want to get things moving, now is not the time. In the meantime, I am pursuing other interests, not dependent on collaborative efforts, to keep my creative blood flowing. Eventually, these “hobbies” will result in some interesting opportunities to do some creative shots.

What Lies In the Future

The cyclones of the day job leave me a bit spent. Spending time painting miniatures, building terrain, or creating adventures are a much needed escape. I can retreat into my own space and work at my own pace. There is no waiting for a response or wondering if someone will actually show up as scheduled. It is a safe space that I can retreat to where I am only disappointed in myself, if at all. In a way, it is a safe place where I dictate where the walls stand.

Climbing the Walls

Soon, I will climb out of the perfect storms and over those wonderful walls. On the other side will be creative collaborations that renew my love of photography. Indeed, the ideas are already swimming through my head. All I require are willing subjects.

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