Throwback Twisted With New Inspiration

Throwback with Brittany

It’s Thursday and, in following with my current “trend”, let’s do a throwback! Looking back at my model release data, we’re looking at my sixth ever shoot with a model outside of a workshop. This predates my first Skip’s Summer School experience. This is an early shoot with a home made lightbox taped to a speedlight. Made of foam core, tracing paper for the diffuser, and some painters tape, it survived many shoots. I’ve upgraded just a bit in the last twelve years.

Going Back To Move Forward

My brain is broken. I often have to remind myself that life is good. One tool I use is to go back and look at my earliest photographs. From this exercise, I learn two things: 1) I’m a better technical photographer now and 2) There is a certain feel to my earliest images that I would like to find again. Many of my favorite, early images are on location. Once the heat dies down, I really need to start doing more out-of-studio shooting.

Throwback to a Throwback

I revisited another image from this set several years ago. In that post, I discussed my editing choices, comparing how I would do things differently now. This time, though, a photograph I never shared before, edited as if I took it yesterday. There is a life to the image that has that “certain feel” I mentioned before. As I recall what was happening behind the scenes of this image, I realize how I made the shot different. I also understand how important the model’s attitude and trust in the situation changes the resulting image.

What do you think? Can you spot what makes this image stand out? What do you think gives this image life?

How about you? Are you ready to hop in front of my lens and help me recapture the mojo?

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