Down On The Riverbed

On the Riverbed

I have a lot on my mind, but very little of it is worth sharing here. You would be bored by my stories of work woes and other dull tales. Instead, we will take advantage of the Throwback Thursday tradition. Today, we talk about that time we shot down on the riverbed.

There We Were…

In a cooler August many years ago, I traveled to Tulsa to spend some time with a few models. Traveling to locations to shoot is always fun. You start outside your comfort zone right away which helps me focus on my safe place: behind the lens. I was not nearly as good then as I am now. If it were possible, I’d go back to each and every shoot I did that trip and do it again. Only a lot better this time.

Arkansas Riverbed

The river, lying in a wide riverbed, was very low. It reminded me of one of my very first model shoots. It was a good memory of cracked earth paths between tall cattails. There wasn’t much foliage here, but the view was still encouraging. I took advantage and did multiple sessions. This was the only time I worked with this particular model. Like most of my shoots, the memories come flooding back when I look at certain images.

Let’s Create Our Own Story

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a riverbed or even anything fancy. It really needs to be the story you want to tell. Or that we create together. That is what photography is to me: Storytelling. Whatever your passion or preference may be, we can weave a tale and turn it into something that can be shared well into the future.

I am currently looking for models. Brand new or experienced, it doesn’t matter. The main requirement is that you are willing to tell a story with me. My schedule is a bit tight through Labor Day, but after that, I’m ready to plan some shoots. On location or in studio. I’ve got some ideas of places that may take a bit of a drive, or we can shoot in your backyard. Hit me up and let’s make a deal that works out for everyone.

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